What we do

Union Bulk is a drycargo vessel operator and freight trading company. We offer seabourne freight solutions to our clients and partners by chartering in tonnage from shipowners, taking the commercial and operational risk, and on the other hand we secure freight for cargo owners, traders and end users by taking the market risk from the time of entering into the agreement until the cargo is shipped.

As a boutique sized operator, we add value to our customers business through an honest, upright and resolute approach to our commitments, and a thorough understanding of our customers and their specific need for flexibility and timeliness.

In todays volatile and cyclical shipping market this requires a strict discipline regarding risk management along with a close personal and professional dialogue with our business partners.

The company employs 15-25 vessels with the agility to increase and decrease capacity and exposure in line with market views and needs.

The company is fully independent, backed by private equity, and is domiciled and registered in Denmark.